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Webinar July 19 7pm via USABP

Life Centered Therapy, Year 1, Weekend 1 Training, Oct. 19-22, 2018

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Welcome to Guided Self Healing
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Physical…like chronic pain
Emotional…like depression
Mental… like anxiety
Relational… like unfulfilling partnership
Spiritual…like alienation, not knowing your purpose, not reaching your potential

Have you been working for years and feel frustrated with the slow pace or incompleteness of change?

Are you someone who is open to new ideas, skeptical of false promises, discerning and searching for a process to help you find your answers?

Guided Self Healing is a unique integration of traditional and body-centered psychotherapies, energy healing and spirituality, which works deeply and efficiently to help you:

While people usually come for symptomatic relief, we have come to discover that the deepest healing arises when people are able to become aware of, allow and accept all of who they are. To do this, we have learned it is necessary to consider every level and dimension of our lives in order to affect deep and lasting healing.   

Guided Self Healing is so powerful because, by its design, it is set up to incorporate the best of all other frameworks. It does not prescribe practices but helps you find the specific one(s) that would be most useful to you. It presumes nothing about the nature of reality and therefore what is the cause of your problem. In that simple lack of presumption, it opens us to solutions which would not be considered in other frameworks.  

Why Do We Specifically Present and Teach the Enneagram?
In our experience, the Enneagram is in a class by itself as the simplest, most powerful, and thereby elegant framework we know to help us understand ourselves and others from the inside out. It invites us into greater empathy and compassion and helps us gain freedom from the compulsive fears that keep us stuck.  When Guided Self Healing and the Enneagram are used together, there is a synergistic effect; our capacity to heal is magnified by our understanding and our capacity to understand is magnified by our healing.

Is There Something in Your Life You Want to Change?

Become self accepting,

Resolve difficult symptoms at their root cause,

Discover the wisdom and learning in your life stories,

Increase your access to your own deep wisdom,

Live with greater health, happiness and choice
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