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Why Do People Come to Us?
People come to us because they are hoping for something different in their lives, whether it is being able to create what they want, like the Healing Center or freeing themselves of something they don’t want like anxiety, depression, or chronic pain…While it is true that people might need to work in any of the Seven Steps, and we have practices for all of them, nonetheless, most people most of the time need to work in Step Two because most often it is traumatic blocks that keep them from realizing what they intend. What we mean by traumatic blocks is anything they are not able to integrate, be it something that is too bad causing fear (This is what most people associate with traumatic shock.), too good causing longing, or too much causing overwhelm.   When there is something you can’t integrate it creates a template so that variations of the same situation occur over and over again until you are able to integrate it. In GSH we help you remember and transform that originating template so you are free from its hold on you.

There are two pathways to finding the originating template:

the blocked intention of which you are consciously aware directly leads you to the crystallizing event.

your blocked intention is a doorway to a deeper intention of which you are not aware which is foundational to what you want to work on.

These foundational intentions in Guided Self Healing are called Sabotage Transformational Patterns.

Sabotage Transformational Patterns are stories with universal themes, commonly out of our awareness, which, like all of our issues, on the ego level, create great difficulties for us and on the soul level, invite us into initiation and transformation. These stories may keep us from being able to fully release the block on our conscious intention. Metaphorically, if our conscious intentions are houses we want to build, these Patterns are cracks in the foundation that would undermine the whole process.

There are three categories of Sabotage Transformational Patterns:

· Single Center Patterns
· Major Energetic Patterns
· Identity Patterns
In the Single Center Patterns these universal themes center around our beliefs, feelings and boundaries: we believe something that on a deeper level we know is not true; we won’t let ourselves experience our feelings and are not at choice about their expression; and we are not at choice about what comes in and what goes out.

In the Major Energetic Patterns these universal themes take on archetypal proportions. Just as Freud thought there was a universal story that everyone enacted which he called the Oedipal story, we believe that there are many such core archetypal stories that we enact without awareness. And just as the Freudian Oedipal story had one core theme out of which the others are birthed – I have a forbidden desire for which I will be punished, with a consequent fear of retribution, so each of these Patterns has one central theme/experience out of which a multitude of reversed beliefs, fears of experiencing feelings, and boundary problems arise. This one core theme is the key to recognizing and unlocking the Pattern.

In the Identity Patterns, these universal themes revolve around traumatic shock leading to a real or perceived sense of the possibility of annihilation and a consequent choice to cover over who we truly are with an obscuring identity. This was the best choice we could make to protect ourselves at the time. Immediately we forget we made a choice, leading to the belief that the obscuring identity is who we are, even if we come to know it limits us.   
As we  can see, this new model, in contrast to psychological models that only pathologize, suggests that everything serves a purpose, including the changes which wish to happen. It follows that everything, including distress and pain, is a profound and powerful path to growth and remembering who we truly are. While it honors, in a humane way, the suffering we experience, on a deeper level, it redefines dissatisfaction as the soul’s way of helping us to heal and evolve.
This symbol represents our original thoughts on a theory of development. In a world of duality life evolves in cycles, to everything in its season. These cycles take the form of infinity loops.   The level of maturity grows as the capacity to flow with the cycles of life increases, spiraling up to a point where there are no more cycles, just beingness.

Building a Healing Center

(1) Say that we want to build a Healing Center, and we care about it, and it is important enough that we are willing to commit to making it happen. (2) We may have trouble deciding on a building location because we made a bad real estate choice before. Working on resolving the tentativeness that resulted from that experience is important.  (3) Having the self discipline to learn and understand the local buildings codes, even though we may find it tedious, is essential so that the building, when complete, meets all the requirements for occupancy. (4) We may have to really push ourselves to meet deadlines by taking caffeine, prioritizing, raising more money, asking friends for help, opening to the universe for more energy…. (5) The project may require that we have to lead an aspect of it, even though we hate to lead or require that we have to follow someone else’s lead even though we hate to follow.  (6) Doing any project task that is necessary for moving the project forward and opening to every idea for how to complete every aspect of the project in the best way (even those tasks and ideas that we are most likely to dismiss) is important to having the best Healing Center imaginable .  (7) Lastly, even when we feel frustrated,  limited and overwhelmed, we know that we have within us all that we need to to make the project happen .
About Guided Self Healing

Guided Self Healing is a framework which offers an expansive, integrative worldview with many easy to learn and highly effective tools to support healing and growth. In our experience, in order to create what you want in the world, you may have to do one or more of the following:  

1. Find your passion (yes to a yes or yes to a no)
2. Identify and resolve traumatic blocks
3. Be self disciplined and master something you intend
4. Find more energy
5. Know when to choose your own desires versus considering the larger picture
6. Be open to all perspectives
7. Realize your unlimited potential

To better understand these Seven Steps, let’s take an example.
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