Our suffering
is an invitation
to re-membering
so we can heal & grow.

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How Guided Self Healing Works

Guided Self Healing is based on several simple ideas:

• Any obstacles to creating our intention are a remembering of unresolved issues that have been too hard to handle, so we either put it out of our awareness or it is in our awareness and we don’t know what to do with it.

These issues are nested in stories that are part of our experience. Our current day difficulties are clues to help us remember these originating stories, and therefore the issues, so we can be in a different relationship with them in order to heal and grow. What do we mean by re-membering? To remember is to bring into conscious awareness or, for a story in our awareness, a way of “putting it back together”, so that we use it to support our wellbeing rather than having it be an impediment to moving forward. It follows that remembering equals healing equals wholeness. Or in other words, when we come for healing we come to remember who we truly are in order to be whole.

The simplest way to remember is through the body. Every traumatic block has its equivalent body sensation(s).

Even though we may not consciously remember the story, it is, nonetheless, stored in our body as an associated uncomfortable sensation(s). This leads to the perhaps radical notion that every sensation we have in our body is a story we couldn’t integrate and every story we can’t integrate from the smallest to the largest, from the past, present and future, is a sensation that is held in our body. The body thus becomes a library of all experience.

How do we find the story that can lead us to healing? We invite the client to bring all of their awareness to the typically uncomfortable sensation(s) that arise in the body when focusing on the difficulty. We then invite the client to re-member (all perceptual modes) by reporting whatever they are experiencing which may include re-living (kinesthetic), re-viewing (visual) or re-calling (auditory), whichever way is most natural for them. By focusing all of their consciousness on the sensation(s), the client is able to report whatever the sensation(s) have come to share.

An Example

Many people come in because of anxiety. In GSH, we ask, “When you fully allow the part of you that is anxious, what are you feeling in the body?” As you scan your body, whatever sensation(s) (typically uncomfortable) you are experiencing is the part that is feeling anxious. The sensation has an identity of its own; it knows the story of the anxiety and what the anxiety needs. It has its own consciousness whose name is the sensation (queasy stomach, pain in the side, or racing heart, for example). Your job as the client is simply to report.

Some people, however, come in because they wish to heal some kind of physical symptom, things like chronic pain, headaches, discomfort associated with allergies/asthma. In such cases, we can go in the opposite direction, starting with the sensations themselves and from them finding the unresolved issues. So, on some level, every discomfort that you experience is associated with unresolved issues. Sometimes the unresolved issue is a physical trauma itself. This is what it means when Carolyn Myss and others have said our biology is our biography and our biography is our biology.

Every time you have a discomfort, before taking a pill to make it go away, you may want to ask it what it has come to share.


• Often what you think of as your difficulties are really symptoms of some deeper unresolved theme.

Examples of these themes are neglect, longing, betrayal, violence, inability to let go, ongoing need for protection… By identifying and working with these themes as a foundational component to your healing, we are able to do the preliminary work required for resolving your difficulties. Sometimes, this is all that is needed to fully resolve your presenting problem. In our experience, it is often the case, when this happens, that seemingly unrelated difficulties also resolve.  (There are many case studies in our Articles.) When we are remembering who we are and are in authentic relationship with ourselves, we feel whole, clear and in the flow.

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