Our suffering
is an invitation
to re-membering
so we can heal & grow.

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Mission Statement

The Guided Self Healing Training Institute exists to facilitate the process of integrated presence and growth through individual and collective healing, experiential workshops and training courses. The Institute also promotes the growth of Guided Self Healing as a specific healing modality. We do this by developing and supporting trainers and practitioners, collaborating with other organizations, and expanding the development of the work itself. GSH is established as a service organization committed to doing its part to bring peace, compassion and understanding to the world.  

Vision Statement

Our vision is a world where people are empowered to heal themselves and have an understanding of themselves and others, so that they have greater awareness and acceptance of, and compassion for, who they and others are.  GSH is recognized as a leading service organization helping to create and sustain this world.

In this world, people understand how to access the wisdom of the body in order to affect their healing and how to be present, rather than losing themselves in longing, fear or self-forgetting. We teach everyone the basics of self healing and the basis for tolerance, and, for those that qualify themselves, the methodology to support people when they require/desire guidance to heal, grow and be whole.

Our intention is to broaden the scope of the field of Psychology to a more integrated model where “beingness” is foundational rather than the thought, emotion and behavior that are a part of it.

How Can You Help Us to Support Each Other?

Guided Self Healing relies on the support of local organizers to expand the scope of our presence. Organizers work with us by determining the best offering for their community, promoting the program with those they know and appropriate other communities, and by finding the right venue for the event. They are the point person for the Institute in their area.  If you are interested in bringing a Guided Self Healing program to your community, contact us to learn how these are arranged.
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