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Services and Programs

This page describes all the Services and Programs that the Institute offers. The Calendar of Events lists current offerings.   

          We offer two types of Services/Programs:

We offer Healing and Growth Services where we facilitate you in the very powerful GSH process. In this format we work with individuals, couples, families, groups (healing circles and retreats) and organizations to help them become what they are intending in the world primarily by releasing traumatic blocks.

Secondly, we offer Training Programs to learn how to facilitate the healing process and to learn the Enneagram, a profoundly useful framework for understanding ourselves and others with greater compassion while initiating us into living with greater freedom. There is an experiential component to these programs so people do their own healing and growth work while opening to a more expansive worldview and learning skill-based tools to use for themselves and others.

       Note: You can arrange for and/or organize any of our services and programs in your local area. Contact the Institute for details.

Healing Services
Individual, Couples and Family Therapy – Generally, like more traditional therapy, the first session tends to be 1.5 to 2 hours and successive appointments are 1 to 1.5 hours. While every situation is different, often people find that they can come less frequently because the sessions reveal core issues more expediently and works with them more deeply.  This work can also be done by telephone. Contact the institute or see the practitioner page.

Couples Therapy
The GSH approach differs from most couples therapy in that we have several powerful tools that, when used in conjunction with each other, have a synergistic effect which is more effective and efficient than any other approach of which we are aware: 1) we help you release the grudges you have towards each other and use the power that is driving the grudge to deepen your own healing and compassion for your partner; 2) we have each of you witness the other working towards more open-hearted presence, and we have found, by doing so, each of you will opens to more understanding and love, making you more able to work together on whatever problems you are facing;  3) we use the Enneagram to help you better understand each other instead of judging each other; and 4) we use the Essence Process (a process developed by Dr. Hahn that lets you become aware, allow, and accept that which you are most afraid to admit about yourself so that you are freer from the grip of your fears) to help you own and then release your fears instead of blaming your partner.

Group Therapy/Healing Circles
What others call group therapy we call healing circles. At the beginning of each circle we check in.  Each member, usually between 4 to 8 people, shares an intention. Either of two things happens; we work with one person’s intention or we find a collective theme to work with. If we work with one person’s intention, the other participants may find how it touches them and 1) helps them resolve their own intention, 2) brings their focus to  a new intention of which they may have been previously unaware but is affecting them deeply which they then resolve  and , 3) brings them into the role of resource by knowing what the other needs in the form of an intervention. (In our experience, this supportive role is deeply healing in itself.)  When we work with a collective theme, there is a synergistic effect which tends to deepen everyone’s work. Sometimes participants may find that they are in a collective story which can further enhance the healing (and can also allow them to own their projections).

Healing Retreats
We periodically offer healing retreats from a half day to a week long. At these retreats we do an intensive variation of healing circles.

Training Programs
The GSH Training Institute offers different programs to teach the GSH Framework and Five Step Healing Process. These range from a two hour demonstration of the work to a two year training program that can lead to certification as a GSH Practitioner. Our other programs include a one day brief introduction to doing the work called Guided Self Awareness, a three day more intensive introduction which, although it can stand alone, is also the 1st weekend of the Year I Training.  Master classes and supervisory sessions, both individual and group, are offered as ongoing education. Basic Enneagram workshops and more advanced seminars that address aspects of the Enneagram model are also available.

Two Hour Demonstrations
A simple overview of the framework is presented. A demonstration of the work with an attendee using the Five Step Healing Process Protocol makes the presentation come alive and particularly allows you the opportunity to experience the power of accessing the wisdom of the body.

Guided Self Awareness
This day long presentation begins with a simple overview of the framework and a teaching demonstration using a simplified version of the Five Step Healing Process Protocol. We then instruct you in the use of this protocol. A Muscle-testing practicum teaches you the basics of how to utilize this tool, followed by a presentation of seven energetic practices to use for healing.  After lunch, you have an opportunity, while we support you, to both guide and receive a healing using this process. At the end there is time to share and reflect on your experience and ask any questions. The intention of the day is for you to learn a simple healing protocol and tools that you can take home and use.

Year I Training
The Guided Self Healing Year I Training invites you into an expansive integrative worldview from which we introduce you to our inclusive psychospiritual healing model, the Seven Steps for Transformation. You learn the complete Five Step Healing Process Protocol to heal trauma in order to help yourself and others to live the life you choose in the world. This training, which is 105 hours long, typically is broken out into one three day introductory weekend and three four day weekends.  

Weekend I of the Training, where you learn the fundamentals of the complete Five Step Healing Process Protocol and twenty Practices, can stand alone and also serves as the foundation for the rest of the Training.

During the rest of the Training you learn about the different types of Sabotage Transformational Patterns and how to balance them. We experience and discover their role in making the healings deeper, more expanded and more powerful. We will distinguish between patterns that describe the traumas themselves and patterns that describe how we protect and limit ourselves in reaction to traumas.

Year II Training
The Guided Self Healing Year II Training begins by inviting you to look at your own process and limitations so that you are able to be more authentically present with your clients, so that while you may hope for certain outcomes, you are non-attached to results.  In addition, you learn to listen and pay attention more intently so you are able to hear on multiple levels – literal, symbolic, metaphoric, archetypal, metaphysical, systemic, so that you are able to guide you clients more deeply and broadly.  You also learn to facilitate the other six steps of the Seven Steps of Transformation and work with couples, groups and larger systems. This Training, which is 84 hours long, typically is broken out into three four day weekends.

Master Classes
Master classes are limited to those GSH students who have completed the Year I Training. The intention of the class is to address participants’ issue around understanding the GSH framework and using it with clients. The agenda is co-created building off the intentions of the attendees. Students have found this deeply powerful both in accelerating their understanding of an expanded worldview and their capacity to apply it to themselves and clients.

Enneagram Programs
The GSH Institute offers introductory Enneagram workshops ranging from a 90 minute lecture to a weekend-long workshop where you learn through lecture, type interview/conversation and teaching off experiential exercises.  We also offer Enneagram workshops on particular aspects of the system (Centers, Subtypes, Higher Aspects of the Points… ), topics of interest (Relationships, Money…) and spiritual growth (Energetic Loss of Self, Transformation of Fears using the Essence Process…).  At times we offer advanced workshops for those who have a foundational understanding of the system.

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