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Enneagram Experience

Join us for an Introduction to the Enneagram Workshop:

Knowing People From the Inside Out

Sunday November 17th from 9:30am to 6pm

Discover a simple, elegant framework for understanding yourself and others with greater compassion.

As much as you think you know someone, do you ever feel like you don't really understand them and this creates a problem? Come learn how to understand people from the inside out. People who have learned the approach we are teaching describe it as an "A-ha" moment in their lives. You will have fun while gaining great insight.

 In this presentation, each of nine personality types will be introduced.  Participants will be invited to discover where they belong within the Enneagram and  then teach us from the inside out what it is like to be that point.  This helps us understand ourselves and others better and with more compassion.

Location: 115 Worcester Lane,

              Waltham, MA 02818

Cost:  $125 or $99 if payment is received by October 18th

               Lunch is included with Tuition

For Reservations Contact:

Maureen White, Guided Self Healing Administrator at 781.891.7448 or
By e-mail at info@guidedselfhealing

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