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The Body Holds The Key - Healing Trauma: First Year, First Weekend, Life Centered Therapy Training

Come experience and learn a framework that will help you and others heal physical, emotional, relational and spiritual difficulties

Students completing Year I Weekend I will master the following basic LCT skills:

  • Learn the 5-Step Life Centered Therapy Process for transformation
  • Discover how our difficulties are stories that we are trying to remember in order to heal and grow
  • Learn 20 energetic and spiritual practices you can take home and immediately begin to use. For ex., accupressure interventions to release fear, anger, shame, dissociation, creating boundaries, or interventions for releasing limiting beliefs, or for creating boundaries.
  • Discover how to access the deepest wisdom in your body and the inner knowing that has been there all along

This 2 day workshop can be taken alone or it can also be the foundation for the year long Life Centered Therapy Training where we will discover and learn to work with the deepest universal themes that affect our lives

Saturday, Dec. 16, 2017 - Sunday, Dec. 17, 2017

Saturday, 9a.m. to 6:30p.m., Saturday, 6p.m.

Location: 115 Worcester Lane, Waltham, MA

Facilitated by Joan Beckett, LMHC, Life Centered Therapy Trainer and Life Centered Therapy Founder, Andrew Hahn, Psy.D.

                 Cost:    This 2 day workshop is $500. if registered by Dec.8, 2017. If registered after Dec.8, 2017 or at the door, cost is $550.

                          If you have taken the Training before and would like to take it again to enhance your knowledge, you can do so for $250.

Reservations:  Contact the office of Life Centered Therapy at 781.891.7448 or by email

                                     Or register now via Paypal