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Dates:  To Be Announced

Location: 115 Worcester Lane, Waltham, MA  

Facilitated by Certified Enneagram Teacher and Guided Self Healing Founder, Andrew Hahn, Psy.D.

Cost:   $700.00

Prerequisite:  Must have competed Year I

Reservations:  Contact the office of Guided Self Healing at 781.891.7448 or by email

                                     Or register now:

Master Class: For all those that have completed the GSH Year I Training

Listening with the Third Ear:

Understanding the Power of Archetype, Process/Content and Multiple Levels of Meaning

Join Andy and your fellow clinicians for a weekend on the Power of Listening with the Third Ear so that you can:

Listen more elegantly in the literal

Learn how to move from the literal to the symbolic/metaphoric

Deepen understanding of the symbolic/metaphoric

Discover how what is happening in the session (process) reveals

 deeper levels of the content which you are working on

Open to interventions and practices that

       might not otherwise been readily apparent

For Mental Health Professionals, your clients will feel more met, more understood, more open to deeper healing and growth. Good sessions will become extraordinary!

Andy will do sessions describing his thoughts and what he senses and feels is happening in real time. He will share his intuitions and illustrate the importance of holding all with a sense of curiosity and nonattachment in the service of opening to all possibilities and levels.